Exhibition list

Exhibitions (as curator)

2019 Promised the Moon: 1969*2019, School of Art & Design Gallery, ANU, promisedthemoon.net.au
2017 Out of the Blue: 175 years of the cyanotype, Photospace, School of Art, ANU with K. Martin
2015 Ground Truthing: Art and Archaeology, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU with S. Brockwell
2009-2014, Light Journeys: Australian Women in Photography website, with L. Grant, lightjourneys.net.au
2013 Hopeless Romantics, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU
2012 The Transit of Venus, Photospace, School of Art, ANU
2007 Drovers’ Drawings, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU
2005 rust, dust and other places, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU with L. Stefanoff

Solo exhibitions (as artist)

2021 Expanding the Field, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT
2019 Fan Mashups: Encore, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT
2018 Reverse Engineering
, 1-day performance, Art not Apart Festival, Canberra, ACT.
2017 Faded Crush, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT.
2015 The Record Store, Watch This Space, Alice Springs, NT.
2013 PhD Graduating Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, ANU, Canberra, ACT.
2013 Sleepwalker, Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka, ACT.
2012 Motorscapes, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka, ACT.
2012 Lament, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT.
2010 Easy Listening, Megalo Arts, Watson, ACT

Select group exhibitions (as artist)

2022 Towards Deep Time, University of Wollongong Art Gallery, University of Wollongong, NSW.
2022 Upending l Mending, Belco Arts, Canberra, ACT, curator: V. McKenzie
2021 Just Desserts, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT, curators: M. England, N. Haynes and C. Florance
2021 B&W, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT, curators: N. Zouwer and A. Munro
2021 On Forgetting, Belco Arts, Canberra, ACT, curators: J. Williams and J. Webb
2020 M16 does pizza, M16 Artspace, Canberra, ACT, curator: J. Huguonnet
2020 Isotopics, Belco Arts online, Canberra, ACT, curators: J. Williams, J. Webb and K. Hayne
2019 [Dash]topia, ANCA Gallery, Canberra, (collaboration with K. Hayne)
2019 Promised the Moon, 1969*2019, ANU School of Art & Design gallery, ACT (collaboration with M. Nichol)
2019 Connections: Part 2, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Canberra, curator: E. Seccombe
2019 Slow Archaeology – Art exhibition, Maxwell Centre, Syracuse University, NY
2018 The Plate Show: Third Course, Project Space, School of Art & Design, ANU (collaboration with K. Hayne)
2018 Connections: Part 1, Megalo Print Studio, Kingston, ACT, curator: E. Seccombe
2018 The Fellows, School of Art & Design, ANU, Canberra, curator: C. McAuliffe
2018 The Uncertainty Principle, ANCA Gallery, ACT (collaboration with K. Hayne)
2018 Heritage in the Limelight Magic Lantern Performance, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra
2018 Obsessive Impulsion, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT, curator: D. Broker
2017 Animastructions, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT (collaboration with K. Hayne) curator: A.Eriksmoen
2017 Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Prize, Gold Coast City Gallery, QLD (collaboration with K. Hayne)
2017 Creative Collaborations, Prompt gallery, ANU, curator A. Trundle
2017 Beauty and Beasts, Belconnen Art Centre, (collaboration with K. Hayne)
2017 The Plate Show, M16 Artspace, Canberra
2017 Capital Artists Patrons Organisation Annual exhibition and auction, ACT.
2016 Beyond the Frame: Art and Archaeology, Museum of Kyoto Annex, Kyoto, Japan.
2016 Material Poetics, Australian National Capital Artists gallery, ACT
2016 Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Things, Belconnen Art Centre, (collaboration with T. Ireland)
2016 Pin2016, Australian National Capital Artists gallery, ACT
2016 Indecisive Moments, Huw Davies gallery, Manuka, ACT (collaborative show with K. Hayne)
2015 Tracings and Hauntings, Belconnen Arts Centre, ACT
2015 The Motor Show, Articulate Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2015 Eyes on Main Street, North Carolina, USA.
2015 VCCAFS 2014, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU, ACT
2015 Bookplate, Electric Shadows, ACT.
2015 Capital Artists Patrons Organisation Annual exhibition and auction, ACT
2014-2015 My Automolove, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, QLD., curator S. Hobson
2014 Unruly Orchestrations, Belconnen Arts Centre, ACT, curators J. Williams, K. Hayne and J. Webb
2014 Crash Treasure, Archaeology and Photography (online group exhibition and conference display), RAI Anthropology and Photography conference, London, UK
2013 Hopeless Romantics, School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU, ACT
2013 Shaping Canberra, School of Art Gallery, ANU
2013 On this site: Bateman’s Bay, The Photography Room at Kaori Gallery, ACT, curator: L. Grant
2013 100% Book, Watson Arts Centre, ACT, curator: C. Florance
2013 Rich Text, Inspire Centre, University of Canberra
2011 Open Dialogues in Archaeological Photography, University of California, Berkeley, USA
2010 Contested Landscapes of Western Sydney, travelling show, ACT and NSW
2009 Suburban Zeitgeist, Photospace, ANU School of Art, Canberra as part of VIVID Festival.