The Uncertainty Principle (2018)

29 August – 16 September, 2016   ANCA gallery
Opens 6pm Wednesday 29th August 2018

Image: Shane Strange, The end of laughter, 2017, Image and letterpress on archival paper, 300 mmx 420mm

Artists: Katie Hayne & UK Frederick, Ross Gibson, Dianne Firth, Saskia Beudel, Jen Webb, John White, Paul Munden & Paul Hetherington, Caren Florance, Michael Jasper, Anthony Eaton and Shane Strange.

The conceptual premise of The Uncertainty Principle is drawn from Werner Heisenberg’s famous phrase that points to the fuzziness in the natural world, and the impossibility of knowing in any certain way what things are, and how they operate. The uncertainty principle says that we cannot measure the position (x) and the momentum (p) of a particle with absolute precision. The more accurately we know one of these values, the less accurately we know the other.

With respect to the specialized understanding of this concept, grounded as it is in physics, the artists in The  read it as a metaphor for art practice. Artists are, we suggest, always feeling their way into new works, often not certain about what they are doing or what it means. Nonetheless, we keep going, hoping to keep finding new ways to make, see and understand—however uncertain or how partial that seeing and understanding might be.

Public Program
Friday 14th September 7pm:
Poetry Reading: Inhabiting Uncertainty
With Lisa Gorton, Omar Sakr, Lisa Samuels, Keijiro Suga hosted by Jen Crawford.

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