Out of the Blue

Elaine Camlin, Esther Carlin, Jacquelene Drinkall, Denise Ferris, UK Frederick, Caren Florance, Rory Gillen, Anita Grewal, Nicci Haynes, Annette Liu, Anna Madeleine, Rowan McGinness, Kerry Martin, Jason O’Brien, Bronwyn Rennex, Mazie Karen Turner and Carolyn Young.

This group exhibition was curated by Kerry Martin and myself to celebrate 175 years of the cyanotype. The show brought together new and long-term practioners of the cyanotype technique to produce a diverse array of contemporary art works, including animation, mixed media installation, works on paper, cloth and metal. A small e-catalogue describing the work and the artists involved can be downloaded here at my Academia page: Out of the Blue e-catalogue

Image: Bronwyn Rennex, from her series Small Fires

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